The MKY Insiders

Help us tell your story and share the love of Murray, Kentucky! Sign-up to be one of our brand ambassadors, the MKY Insiders. An MKY Insider is an individual carrying a deep love of Murray, wanting to help the Murray CVB continue our story and encourage new visitors to our community. You don’t have to live in Murray to join in on the fun.

All we need is for you have a love of our community and the spirit it carries. Being an MKY Insider will get you invitations to Grand Openings, invite-only Insider events and specialty gifts in the mail. There is no cost associated with being an MKY Insider. In return, we ask that on your personal social media platforms you use our hashtags (listed below), tag us in your Murray photos and share our social media posts when possible.

We already know Murray feels like home, so lets make our visitors feel welcome!

#MKYInsiders #MurrayKY

the MKY Insiders - Ambassadors of Murray, Kentucky

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